Conflict Assessment & Peacebuilding Planning

Endorsements for Book

"This handbook lays out a method for conflict assessment and peacebuilding planning that resonates with our experience working with conflict-affected communities through the People's Peacemaking Perspectives project.  Local civil society organisations have important insights into the dynamics of conflict and how to build peace. From research design to theories of change, implementation and evaluation, this book will support more effective peacebuilding."

- Andy Carl, Executive Director, Conciliation Resources and Paul Murphy, Executive Director, Saferworld publishers of From Conflict Analysis to Peacebuilding Impact: People's Peacemaking Perspectives.

"Lisa has been teaching conflict assessment and peacebuilding planning for 15 years.  Having taken her class on these subjects at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute myself along with other World Bank staff, the Handbook will be a great resource for institutions large and small to consider how we move from analysis to planning."
-Alys Wilman, World Bank

"The response to peacebuilding has to be informed by local realities with people being central in the quest for peace.  This handbook is a valuable resource that points us in that direction."

-Florence Mpaayei, Executive Director of Nairobi Peace Initiative – Africa

Decades of conflict research and peacebuilding practice have generated a wide range of tools and templates, a wealth of options that can easily confuse and overwhelm practitioner choices when faced with concrete need to design, implement and evaluate intervention in settings of protracted conflicts.  This book provides clear guidelines for navigating the complex task of engagement.  Comprehensive yet strategic in approach the result of years of practice Lisa has given us a clear and systematic overview of approaches with practical and appropriate steps for assessment and planning. 
-John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peacebuilding, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

"Outsiders too often think that force and violence will solve our problems in the Pukhtoon belt of  Pakistan and Afghanistan. My advice is no, as this book details, only a detailed understanding of our culture, religion and traditions can help outsiders try to understand the real root causes of violence and design locally-driven peace building efforts with us (insiders) that inspire respect and transformation in our communities.
-Ali Gohar, Founder, Just Peace Initiatives, Peshawar, Pakistan

“Increasingly, everyone working in conflict zones recognizes that conflict analysis is compulsory for all types of work. Lisa Schirch’s handbook provides a wonderful range of analytical tools for peace practitioners from government, international agencies and the NGO world.”
-Peter Woodrow, Co-Director, Reflecting on Peace Practice Program, CDA Collaborative Learning Project, Boston, MA

“Lisa Schirch, among the most experienced and respected leaders in the peacebuilding world, has captured the lessons learned and strategies that work and presented them in this very readable, instructive, and insightful book.”
Chic Dambach, Former Chief of Staff, Representative Garamendi (D-CA)

“Lisa Schirch’s  Conflict Assessment and Peacebuilding Planning is a gift for professors and students. It takes a very complex, steadily evolving, and acronym-heavy field, and makes it intelligible to just about any student. It does this with uncommonly lucid writing, and with visuals that are imaginative and memorable. Perhaps most significantly, Schirch has structured the book so as to give the narrative the natural flow of a good story.”
-David Matz, Professor of Conflict Resolution, University of Massachusetts/Boston

"Lisa Schirch's  contribution to our community based peacebuilding work in Afghanistan and particularly her contribution to develop a manual on negotiation for PTRO's involvement in the Afghan Peace and Rconcilaiton Program was enormously helpful. Her consistent commitment to peacebuilding work in Afghanistan is inspiring for us. I strongly believe that this handbook will be a great source for practitioners working in conflict affected areas".

-Mirwais Wardak, Director, Peace Training and Research Organization Afghanistan

“"This book is chock full of common sense, practical, and field-tested ideas for improving the way we understand and engage conflicts. Reading it will help peacebuilding practitioners strengthen the critical yet frequently tenuous linkage between assessment and program planning." 
-Lawrence Woocher, former Conflict Prevention Officer at United States Institute for Peace

“Lisa Schirch/This Handbook offers us a systematic, reflective way of developing strategic peacebuilding interventions that recognize the centrality of people. It incorporates the most significant recent learning in the peacebuilding field, such as systems thinking, theories of change, connecting micro- and macro-level outcomes and impacts, and attention to the critical relationship between ‘internal’ and ‘external actors’. While written as if for external peacebuilders, it puts local capacities for peace central. To that effect, it constantly draws attention to the need for joint work, offering not technical ‘tools’ but analytical lenses to structure reflective conversations, and encourages us to develop broader peacebuilding partnerships that stand a greater chance of being sustainable and having a cumulative impact. It is a must have for peace practitioners.

-Koenraad Van Brabant, Head of Reflective Practice and Learning, InterPeace, Geneva Switzerland

“This book is so much more than a “handbook” – it is really the heart and soul of peacebuilding, wrapped into a clear, lucid accessible package.  In building a framework for conducting conflict assessments that are, in themselves, peacebuilding processes, Dr. Schirch distills the lessons of an astonishingly broad range of peacebuilding lenses and creates a path for building true human security in the world’s more fragile, chaotic conflict zones.”

-Melanie Greenberg, President of the Alliance for Peacebuilding

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