Conflict Assessment & Peacebuilding Planning

Teaching Tools

This page is still under construction.  It will also contain 
 -Links to other resources related to the book
-A list of case studies that can be used to teach the conflict assessment tools.  

Trainers and teachers can send in their ideas to be added to this list by clicking here. 

POWERPOINTS: Click below to link to Prezi online powerpoint presentations that can be saved under your own account and edited with your own content.  Please remember to credit the book.

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PRESENTATIONS:  Prezi Presentations that you can copy and add material or edit as you like:

1 hour training with narration to assign to students before class exercises

Current Challenges in Institutional Conflict Assessment & Peacebuilding Planning

Introduction to Peacebuilding & Human Security

Research Methods & Challenges

Self Assessment

WHERE: Understanding the Context

WHO: Identifying Stakeholders and Potential Peacebuilders

WHY: Identifying Motivations

WHAT: Systems Mapping of Drivers & Mitigators

HOW: Sources & Uses of Power

WHEN: Timeslines, Triggers, Windows

Theories of Change for Peacebuilding

Planning & Design of Peacebuilding Efforts

Summary of "Time to Listen" which documents gap between funders and aid recipients
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