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This website provides an overview along with resources to complement the book Conflict Assessment & Peacebuilding Planning.

Exercises and learning tools: This website includes educational case studies and videos as well as pedagogical training notes for teaching the material in the book. Click here for a 1 hour, narrated on-line training about the book's methods and content for an introduction.

Case studies: Researchers and planners can share their completed conflict assessments for others to see how they have completed a conflict assessment by sending them to who can upload and share them on this website.

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Meet the Author

Dr. Lisa Schirch is North American Research Director for the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research, and Senior Policy Advisor with the Alliance for Peacebuilding.

A former Fulbright Fellow in East and West Africa, Schirch has conducted conflict assessments and participated in peacebuilding planning alongside local colleagues in over 20 countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, Ghana, and Fiji. Schirch has published seven books and dozens of chapters and articles on a range of themes including the design and structure of a comprehensive peace process in Afghanistan, civil-military relations, and the role of the media in peacebuilding.

Schirch has worked as a consultant on conflict assessment and peacebuilding planning for the United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, several branches of the US government, the US Foreign Service Institute, and many other organizations.

Lisa Schirch

Lisa Schirch

Conflict Assessment & Peacebuilding Planning Author